DENTWIST Expanding Dental Floss, 30 M (Made In Korea)

-33% DENTWIST Expanding Dental Floss, 30 M (Made In Korea)

DENTWIST Dental floss, or tooth floss, is a cord of thin filaments used to remove food and dental plaque from between teeth in areas a toothbrush is unable to reach.

DENTWIST Expending floss : Helps Maintain Gum Health as Part of a Complete Oral Care Regimen. -Floss Is Strong and Shrewd Resistant. -Provides A Cool Blast Of Clean Feeling Every Time You Floss. -Its Silky Smooth Texture Allows It To Slide Easily Between Teeth. -Contains A Light Coating Of Natural Wax For Improved Grip. Product Is Imported And Made In Korea. For Best Result Use after Every Meal.

How to use:

1. Open lid and cut dental floss by 16-inch(40cm) using the cutter on right side.

2. Wind floss 4, or 5 times on the reel of holder.

3. Hang floss around the groove of holder.

4. Wind floss 4 or 5 times on the reel of holder again.

5. Fasten the reel clockwise so that the floss is tight.

6. Slip floss between teeth moving slowly.(Use Biting-Point for convenience)

7. Move floss up and down 3 times staying in contact with the teeth.

8. When the floss is loose, do no.5 again.


1 Do not push too hard to insert floss between teeth which could bring injury to teeth.

2 In case of swelling on teeth ridge, pain, or any other symtom occurs, stop using and consult a dentist.

3 Gumboil could cause bleeding for the first time using but if bleeding continues, consult a dentist.

4 See a dentist when dental floss gets stuck or caught between teeth. It could be sign of tartar, or decayed on the teeth.

5 Do not use for other than intended use.

6 Keep out of reach of children.





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