Cushioni Self Adhesive Foam Wall Tiles (DIY) 8 pcs (Red Brown)- Made In Korea

-5% Cushioni Self Adhesive Foam Wall Tiles  (DIY) 8 pcs (Red Brown)- Made In Korea


1.Easy-to-install sticker type .Cut the cushion sheet using scissors or a cutter, removes the protective film and then applies. The sheet is easy to apply and can be used in a diversity of cases and fields.

 2.Eco-product, not harmful to the human body our sheet made of safe eco-friendly materials is ensured for safety re heavy metals and harmful chemicals via the authorized test approval agency.

 3.Expresses quality interior with true-to-life 3D feel by applying a variety of patterns for augmenting dimensions for each brick, the texture of more real damaged bricks could be created. The texture and feature of the sheet is of high quality so that it ensures all the more sophisticated appearance even at a closer look and with time.

 4.Absorbs strong shock with 6-layer cushion material the high-density cushion sheet made of PE Foam blocks off sound, absorbs impact and prevents condensation and moulds by fending off moisture generated by temperature difference indoors. Also, fire-retardant PVC original fabric contained ensures durability and resistance to fire.

 5.Maximizes heat efficiency with excellent insulation effect it effectively blocks off cold in the winter and heat in the summer, which means it can save costs by insulating the space.

6.Easy to clean.


 How to use:

1. Remove the sticker on the backside.

2. Attach it on the wall and clean the surface if needed.

3. Cut the foam brick into pieces with a cutter or scissor if necessary in the case that you attach as it is.

4. You can attach it as it is, but it may look unnatural because of the boundary line between brick Cut Bricks and connect them.

 5. Cut the half brick on the edge and make them interlock each other than it looks much more natural.


Product Dimension: Size: 710mmX770mmX10mm, (1 Sheet size) Coverage Area: 48sqft and 4.46sqmt in one box of 8 sheets set.

Origin: South Korea


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