Ttaereu Mio SCRUB BATH GLOVE Finger Type (MADE IN KOREA) Purple

-14% Ttaereu Mio SCRUB BATH GLOVE Finger Type (MADE IN KOREA) Purple

1.Soak the body in warm water for minimum 5 minutes,

and wet the scrub bath glove.(better in case of soaking the body enough.)

2. Soap the scrub bath glove or towel enough.

(Convenient to wear gloves to dry. If it is uncomfortable

to wear gloves lump called wet in the water come in handy

if you wear a soap bubble.)

3. Once you rub your skin gently, dead skin cell is broken

down and collected to looped space in the glove.

4. Wash your body. Rinse the glove off in water and check

dead skin cell floating.(looks like milk froth on Cappuccino.)

5. One can feel the hot springs seemed smooth skin.

6. Using body wash products makes skin slippery and disrupts

Exfoliation. It is more effective with using herbal scrub soap.


Wellness products made from natural fibres

Why good for your skin?

Ttaermio is made of pure natural fibre and gives no harm to your skin, only remove keratin

and black head from your skin, making your skin shine bright .Also good for bathing your baby.

How to use?

Be sure to whistle up affluent and rich foam before bathing, all materials of ttaermio com from pure nature.

Materials : Cellulose, Polyester

Size: 11cm X19cm



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