Bit Deep Cleansing Face Honey Brush (Pack of 1)

New -29%  Bit Deep Cleansing Face Honey Brush  (Pack of 1)

                                                                                           Honey Brush:

Deacription: Soft brush with double synthetic bristles for total, deep faces cleansing. A professional accessory designed to enhance the performance of foam cleansers. Also suitable for use with cream cleaners. Cleansing Face Brush eliminates blemishes and massages the skin, stimulating microcirculation and its natural renewal.

Speciality: A brush is made by 0.001 mm, over 30 million fine-layered brushes and helps to remove wastes from pore when people wash off their makeup. Honey brush helps to keep clear face and doesn't have irritated skin. EFFECTS OF USE • A total solution for dead skin cell, sebum and black head • Skin massage effect that is no stimulation by rich bubbles • Perfect cleansing for makeup and sunblock • High-quality fibres hair that do not unhair

How To Use 1. Get the brush wet 2. Put your facial cleanser on the brush 3. Massage softly on the face and Rinse away with water Honey Brush Size: 12cmX5.5cmX4cm Weight: 48g Material: PBT (micro-fibre) / ABS

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