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Company : ECOWIN

Country : South Korea

President : BANG,SEUNG-HUK

Introduction : ECOWIN is the company that innovates blinds. Based on the new system and accumulated Know-How that talented people who have been in the blind industry for more than several years have gathered within establishing it as the biggest company in Korea and have been well received overseas.

Year Establishment : 2015

No. Of Employees : 33

Main Markets : U.S.A

Products by "ECOWIN"

Main Items

Product Name Description
Honeycomb Honeycomb Blinds(Cellular shades) are a window covering used to block or filter light and insulate windows to help save energy & reduce costs. In common with all blinds, cellular shades can reduce solar gain in summer and provide room darkening or blackout for sleeping. Like most other window treatments, they are raised and lowered with a string. Cordless cellular shades are available to reduce the risk of strangulation for children.
Zebra Blind The Zebra Blinds combine alternate panels of opaque and translucent fabrics into 2 layers of fabrics, rolled up into 1 big piece of blind. As the customer pulls the blinds up and down, these panels will glide over each other seamlessly. They operate in the same manner as roller blinds and come in motorized or non-motorized. One of the biggest reasons behind their popularity is their simple design. Available in a range of rich colors, Zebra blinds are one of the biggest home improvement products.
Roll Screen Roller Blinds are versatile, easy to use and maintain. Known for their durable mechanism and material. ECOWIN Roller Blinds come with a myriad of desings, textures, patterns and prints in our collections, we are sure that you will be able to find something you love.

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