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Company : Sungone PCM Co. Ltd.

Sungwon PCM is a health functional food company that makes products that are effective at economical prices by confirming scientific evidence, using excellent raw materials, and reducing distribution stages.

We want to create products that can be prevented and managed before a disease occurs, and can even be expected to improve symptoms, products that can be consumed with confidence without side effects, and products that can help the human body based on raw materials derived from nature.

Country: Republic of Korea

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : Heblis Goodnight, Heblis Platycodine

Website : www.heblis.com

Phone : +82 2-780-0149

Email : heblis5599@naver.com

Address : Room 103, Jeollabuk-do Small Business Incubating Center, 945-6, Girin-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea

Products by "Sungone PCM Co,. Ltd"

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Heblis Goodnight

People dealing with hard work and stress need good sleep. Just take 2 tablets of Heblis Good-night 1 hour before going to bed for deep sleep and vitality the next day.

Heblis Good-night contains healthy ingredients taken from nature such as theanine, which promotes psychological stability and relieves stress, magnesium components necessary for maintaining nervous system and muscle function, fermented barley extract, and valerian extract.

Heblis Platycodine

Because of an extremely limited annual harvest, only 0.1% of Koreans are able to experience 3-year-old white balloon flower root from Jeju Island, an invaluable ingredient.

Heblis Platycodin, which contains ground whole white balloon flower root grown on pristine Jeju Island for 3 years by Korea’s leading agricultural specialist, Kisung Lee, boasts ingredients that are superior to other balloon flower root products.

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