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Carbon Remote Defibrillator Wireless Emergency Call System

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  • Carbon Remote Defibrillator Wireless Emergency Call System is the first product in Korea that combines solar power, defibrillator, and advancedproducts.
  • It has the flexibility of being able to be installed in any place withoutthe need for electric and communication line work, and in case of a cardiac arrest or emergency, the product allows for quick emergency treatment as pressing the emergency button alerts connected nearby firefightingheadquarters and control centers.
  • Also, a video call function is available so that an emergency can be dealt with more ease and the video call instructions are provided on the monitor which lets even ordinary people use the function freely.
  • It is also a device that safely protects residents and passers-by as pressing the emergency button in case of a criminal accident or emergency alerts connected control center and directs authority to the scene.


Battery protection and life extentsion technology using casrbon materials:-

  • Application of a temperature compensation circuit using a carbon heating device.maintains constant temperatures even at low temperatures Application of instantaneous discharge prevention circuit usingcarbon supercapacitor and dualization.
  • Patent registration completed.

Defibrillator remote management syatem technology for rapid emergency treatment:-

  • Defibrillator wireless remote management system introduced in Korea forthe first time.
  • Rapid emergency treatment is possible in case of cardiac arrest.
  • Reduces maintenance costs by generating power by itself.
  • Comes with automatic defibrillator door control with remote and provides more detailed information by two-way communication.

Comes with sensors and a voice message technology:-

  • Comes with a protection function that keeps the temperature of the defibrillator constant even during cold weather by using a temperature sensor.
  • Comes with a voice message broadcasting function that checks approaching persons using the activity sensor and notifies the presence of an emergency call device by hearing for the visually impaired and at the same time prohibits reckless usage of the device by playing a warning message.
  • Provides information on an approach and automatically turns on the night lamp.

Comes with a communication and GPS wireless technology:-

  • Comes with wideband LTE wireless communication, making no communication work required and sends GPS information out to provide information regarding the installation location and relevant time, controlling the night lamp function depending on whether it is a day or night is also possible.
  • Comes with a wireless voice call function (that is a two-way communication) and audio amplifier.

Comes with locking device and RCT function:-

  • For product security, only authorized personnel can open and close the enclosure byunlocking or locking the locking device.
  • As the product comes with RCT function, self-diagnosis can be performed periodically and it’s regarding information can be sent to an authorized personne.

Comes with a CCTV:-

  • Remote control of a defibrillator using CCTV is possible
  • Live videos can be surveilled
  • Recorded videos can be surveilled
  • Live videos for emergency calls can be surveilled
  • Comes with its own CMS (Custom Management System)

Comes with a location notification technology for an accessed emergency call device:-

  • Comes with a night warning light operation algorithm that uses minimum power to conserve and make it easy for users to recognize the location of the emergency call device.

Comes with LED singboard and monitor usage instructions:-

  • Comes with an external LED signboard to display a warning text and inform cautions for residents and users (improves nighttime and general identification When the emergency bell of the device is pressed, vocal instructions, and how to use the defibrillator using videos are provided.
  • When there is no emergency, the device displays the weather forecast, dust levels, and etcetera to promote user convenience.

Also can take on the role of a smart, high-tech street light:-

  • Can be used as a smart street light that can protect passer-by by using the emergency call function in case of an emergency even on a night road as the number of passers-by continues to increase (can expect to stop attackers from committing the crime by the use of the live video emergency call function)

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Solar Power Supply Type Product,Electric Power Supply Type Product


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Country South Korea
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  • We are striving to develop alternative energy to reduce climate change and natural disasters caused by global warming.
  • As our quality of life gets better, the concern about our safety naturally becomes greater.
  • To respond to this, we continue to develop products that combine video, communication, and carbon materials to achieve our aim of improving crime rates, disasters, and general safety.
  • We always focus most on the safety of other people’s lives. Sensors and communications innovated by the 4th industrial revolution promote human convenience and is a value-adding industry which coexists both in the present and future.
  • And we are committed to focusing our team on research and development to establish a position in this global era as a strong company.
  • We promise to become a company devoted to research and development without losing the original intention that we kept every moment until we establish ourselves as a company which is the undeniable leader in this era of infinite competition. Thank you.
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