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CES Carbon Fibre Heating Cable

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  • The World’s First Parallel Structure equipped with Uniformly heated Carbon Fibre Heating Cables”
  • A high-tech new material with a density of 1/4 less than steel but 10 times higher in strength.
  • High-efficiency material with 99.9% Energy Conversion Rate
  • Feature of High Current Density (Maximum 1x109A/cm2), High thermal conductivity (6000[W/(mK)])
  • 2800 °C in Vacuum, Heat resistance of 750 °C in the air.
  • There is no risk of fire as Carbon Fibre is a semi-permanent life and does notignite even at high temperatures.
  • Carbon content of 95% or more, far-infrared radiation rate of 90% or more

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Heating Cable

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  • CES Corporation is the only company in the world that manufactures equal-heated Carbon Fibre heating cables equipped with parallel structures, and is recognized for their efficiency and performance by applying them as a system to various industrial sectors such as smart farm greenhouse heating, snow-melting, floor heating, and special drying using Carbon Fibre heating cables, which is a key source technology.
  • Smart farms with large energy consumption achieved energy savings of 45 to 70% compared to the previous ones, 30 to 50% in floor heating, and 35% in snow melting, and their performance is also considered to be superior to existing systems.
  • The energy-reducing smart farm greenhouse heating system using Carbon Fibre achieved the feat of being selected as one of the top 10 on-site best technologies by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2019.
  • In particular, the design and construction of the system for the prevention of road freezing on the Daegu Metro Line 3 was the most difficult site, which led to the recognition of the technology of Carbon Fibre snow melting worldwide.
  • It is also creating new market opportunities in the industrial dry market, which requires a floor temperature of 150°C or higher, including a coal sludge drying plant and a mixed feed sterilization plant.
  • In addition to heating devices for consumer goods such as frame heaters, we are preparing to introduce the IOT service platform based on Carbon Fibre energy systems such as proper air quality management system, smart farm complex exchange economy program, and integrated disaster-preparation control system.

Year Established : 2015


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