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Dual Cycloid Reducer

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Category Machinery & Parts
Keyword Cycloidal reducer
Options BSR Series High
Precision type
BSR Series Entry Level type
Place of Origin South Korea
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“It is an all new light weight and thin customized high precision high torque cycloid reducer with an innovatively reduced number of components by the application of an independent epitrochoid off set tooth form. Its features are:

  • Technical Feasibility
  • Economical Feasibility
  • Industrial Viability

BSR Series High Precision Type:

  • Applicable to various industry
  •  High precision reducer that satisfies both precision and quality
  • Various reduction ratios can be implemented

BSR Series Entry Level Type:

  • Structure that can be easily combined with motor
  •  Inexpensive mass production unit price
  • Fast delivery
  • Lightweight and thin reducer capable of mass production”

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Machinery & Parts


Cycloidal reducer

Place of Origin

South Korea

Company Info

Country South Korea
President Chang Hyun Kim
Year Established 2015
No. of Employees 18
  • “The BSR developed at Bonsystems Co. is a light weight and thin reducer overcoming the weaknesses of previous Harmonic and RV reducers.
  • With an independent tooth form design technology a variety of reduction ratios from10:1 to 100:1 can be implemented.
  • Also it is more cost effective with simplified structure higher contact efficiency due to the expansion of the lubrication space compared to previous reducers.
  • Moreover by reducing the manufacturing cost with mass production it is available at a 50 to 70% lower price compared to other reducers.
  • By developing the BSR series, we Bonsystems will try our best on both localizing the precise reducer market which is highly dependent on importation, and popularizing domestic robot industries.”
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