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LED Street Lighting Lamp

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Category             Electronic Products
Keyword              LED Street Light & Security Lamp
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Place of Origin             South Korea
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ASTRONIX LS’ LED Street Light products are internationally recognized for product performance and
excellent quality through technical presentations from Silicon Valley , USA and our LED street light
product has high luminance because it is packaged on plane panel with highly-dense integration of LED’s.
Characteristics of LED Street Light are as follow.
-. We use a single plane lighting panel. That enables the product to be light and small.
-. It does not generate heat so you can turn on and off without remnant heat.
-. It has long life cycle so you can save more because it needs less maintenance and repair cost than
-. It is an environment-friendly product because it is not using mercury, sodium or harmful gas.
-. It can get incentive from local self-governing body because it has high efficient product certificate.
-. It has beautiful outlook because it is heat-protected water-proofed, and produced using special coating
technology And its reliability is also proven.
-. It uses less power because it has high luminous efficacy.

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Electronic Products

Place of Origin

South Korea


LED Street Light & Security Lamp

Company Info

Country South Korea
President Seong Gu, Kim
Year Established 2018
No. of Employees 16
Introduction ASTRONIX LS CO.,LTD. was founded in 2018 with technology related to LED CHIP Package manufacturing technology, LED lighting manufacturing technology engineering.
In 2020, it developed special automobile manufacturing technology and new LED lighting manufacturing technology, manufactured innovative LED tower lighting products equipped with waterproof, explosion-proof, and bulletproof functions, and started supplying and selling them to the global disaster safety goods procurement market.
Currently, our company exclusively supplies and sells “vehicle moving type LED tower lighting automobile products” with official approval from the US Department of Defense & Fire Service, the Korean Ministry of National Defense & Fire Service, the US Federal Procurement Service, and the United Nations Public Procurement Service.
Our company manufactures and sells LED lighting products equipped with special functions required by customers.
Our company specializes in manufacturing quarantine equipment and is currently exporting to 50 countries around the world.
We are striving to become a company that contributes to nature and human society.
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