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Ramie leaf raw sesame songpyeon

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BY : Mansun Co., Ltd.

Category          Food & Beverage
Keyword           rice and ramie leaf, rice cake, made in korea
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Weight             500g
Place of Origin
MOQ             50Box(20ea/box)
EXP.Date(If Food)             1 year from the manufacturing date


Haechanmiso ramie leaf sesame songpyeon is manufactured using
domestic rice and ramie leaf through 100% contract cultivation. Ramie leaf
songpyeon, a traditional well-being food containing calcium and rich
dietary fibre with savory sesame flavor, is easy to eat as a substitute for

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Food & Beverage


rice and ramie leaf, rice cake, made in korea

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Country South Korea
President Cha Hosik
Year Established
No. of Employees
Introduction Mansun Co., Ltd. is trying to make quality products, not just good products, based on the management ideology of
“company that makes quality(myeong, 姳) product instead of famous(myeong, 名) product”. In consideration of the food
safety as a priority, soy sauce marinated crab has been certified as the first HACCP in Korea among the single item, and we
provide safe and hygienic products to customers through thorough hygiene management after obtaining fish and rice
cakes HACCP certification. We will do our best to become a healthy and reliable food company by producing safe,
customer-recognized product that can always be trusted and purchased from the customer’s perspective.
Main Markets South Korea
Main Products Food & Beverage



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