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Tieutcup – Soft Reusable Silicone Menstrual Cup

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Category           Beauty & Personal Care
Keyword           Anti-oxidising, Sanitary, Women care
Weight         200g
Place of Origin         KOREA
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Take control of your period with Tieutcup!
Tieut Menstrual cups are an easy and safe alternative to your regular sanitary pads. Made up of high quality material, these cups have higher storage capacity and keeps you tension free. You can easily carry them anywhere since they need very less space.

Benefits of using Tieutcup
1. Unique shape – We’ve combined two more conventional cup shapes, bell and ball-shaped menstrual cups, to create a higher capacity and more comfortably shaped menstrual cup.
– The stem makes sure you can easily find and remove Tieutcup.
– We’ve put four rings on the bottom so it’s easier to get a grip on your cup.
– Unique shape with a higher capacity while still being comfortable.
– Four air holes are used to break the vacuum and to avoid spillage.
2. High capacity – Tieutcup’s high capacity makes it a perfect partner for even your heaviest flowing days.
– Small size: height 70mm (stem 24mm), diameter 38mm, capacity 32ml
– Large size: height 72mm (stem 22mm), diameter 43mm, capacity 42ml
3. Made in Korea – The Tieutcup is made of 100% medical grade silicone. Tieutcup and the Tieutcup Case are BPA-free. They are made in Korea and approved by the Korean and U.S. FDA.
4. Safe storage – Tieutcup comes with Tieutcup Storage Case (length 80mm, diameter 85mm). This is an easy-to-carry case for your Tieutcup. It’s foldable so it doesn’t take much space when not in use. Keep Tieutcup safe until you need it.

First time using a menstrual cup? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: What if I can’t remove my Tieutcup?
A: First of all, the cup can’t disappear inside you, but it can move up slightly. The menstrual cup can’t get lost in the vagina; it will ultimately slip down by force of gravity. If you have problems reaching the cup, the first thing to do is relax and breathe. If the menstrual cup has worked its way higher inside the vagina, it’s important to relax the muscles as tensing up will only make removing it more difficult. Try squatting or putting one leg up on the toilet so you have better reach. Pull down gently on the stem until you can reach the bottom of the cup and grasp it with your fingers and pinch it to release the suction, and gently ease it out.

Q: Do I need to remove my menstrual cups when I urinate or poop?
A: You don’t need to remove the menstrual cups when urinating or pooping. It is possible to urinate and poop as you wear it.

Q:How often do I have to replace the Tieutcup?
A: First, measure the amount of your menstrual blood, and find out your own replacement time according to your menstrual blood flow. Generally, you can wear it for 4 to 6 hours when it’s high, and for up to 12 hours when it’s low. You can also adjust the frequency of the replacement time by adjusting your flow to your cup size. Small for light flow and large for heavy flow.

Q: Can the blood flow back into my uterus when I move around?
A: No, it’s very unlikely that the blood collected in the menstrual cup will flow back into your uterus – even if you’re upside down.

Q: How can I use Tieutcup in a public restroom?
A: First, make sure to wash your hands. If you’re traveling and do not have access to clean running water for longer periods of time, make sure to bring some bottled water with you or use a disinfecting wipe such as an Tieut Feminine Wipes. If you don’t have either, you can simply wipe it clean with toilet paper and clean it once you have access to a bathroom.

Q: Can I get toxic shock syndrome from a menstrual cup?
A: TSS is a rare, but serious, illness. TSS a complication of bacterial infections, which has been associated with individuals who have used intra- vaginal contraceptive devices (such as tampons and menstrual cups), but TSS is not solely linked to intra- vaginal contraceptive devices. To contract TSS, a person needs to have a specific strain of staph bacteria (staphylococcus aureus) in their vaginal flora. If the individual has that, the staph can multiply and produce a harmful toxin. To reduce your risk of developing TSS make sure you clean and use your Tieutcup according to our instructions. The symptoms of TSS are sudden fever, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, a rash that looks like a sunburn, or in advanced stages, scaly skin. TSS can appear during the menstrual period or some days later. If you experience any of the symptoms, remove your cup and seek medical advice immediately. If you experience any of the following symptoms, remove your Tieutcup and seek medical advice immediately.

Q: For how long can I use the Tieutcup?
A: Although there is no fixed usage period, we recommend that you replace it every two years.

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Beauty & Personal Care


Anti-oxidising, Sanitary, Women care




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Company Info

Country South Korea
President Yoon Taejun
Year Established 2017
No. of Employees
Introduction A helping hand turns into a helping brand.
Imagine seeing your sister struggling with her period one whole week per month, every year, for her whole adult life.
Heavy cramps, heavy bleeding and no suitable products to deal with this.
Even though she’s dealing with all of those things, she’s still expected to study, exercise and work just like anybody else.
In 2017 Taejun decided it was enough. It’s time to make a change.
Realising that there must be more women out there with the same issues, he, his sister and two of his best friends decided to research and develop the Tieutcup.
After two successful crowdfunding campaigns in the US and in South Korea, Tieutcup is now a well-known menstrual cup worldwide.
Our mission now is to improve women’s lives worldwide.
We aim to do that by researching and developing more and more products that women can benefit from.
Our goal is to be a helping hand and to make a positive impact on environmental, cultural and social scales.[STRENGTH OF COMPANY]
A high capacity menstrual cup made to make you worry less and enjoy more.

Don’t worry about losing sleep due to your period.

Be prepared for any uncomfortable moments with Tieut.

Feel fresh wherever you go.

Main Markets South Korea
Main Products Sanitary Products


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