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Ultra High Frequency Stimulator Dr. GEM

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Category            Health & Medical
Keyword             Pain relief device
Size             340 (W)X350 (D)X600 (H)mm
Weight             Around 21kg In package(including basic set)
Place of Origin             South Korea
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Function –
1. DR. GEM(ultra high frequency stimulator) is a high frequency treatment
device. It is excellent at easing pain because it almost evenly heats
each organ of the body with its frequency of 2,450MHz.
2. The use can conveniently adjust the output with buttons.

How to use –
1. Preparation
– Relax the body and put it in the proper posture before use.
– Check whether the power joint is in normal condition.
– Check whether the power matches with the device.
– Be sure to read the manual before use.
– Check whether each component and part is ready.
– Check whether the above five were performed before use.
– Plug the cord in the device.
– Insert the plug into the socket and turn on the switch on the back.
– Put the radiant lamp in front of the part to be treated.

Additional information


Health & Medical


Pain relief device


340 (W)X350 (D)X600 (H)mm

Place of Origin

South Korea


Around 21kg In package(including basic set)

Company Info

Since its establishment in 1996, it has recognized the importance of technology development and has grown into a corporate research institute, technical innovation corporate recognition and venture enterprise, developing, manufacturing and selling medical devices for personal use (home use) and medical devices for hospitals and rehabilitation systems (walking rehabilitation), and also developing, producing and serviceing products in GMP certification system and medical device international quality management system certification system ISO13485. The company’s affiliated research institute with excellent technology development staff is creating creative and innovative products and is ingringing its position as a venture company that thinks about human health.
Developed and produced in 2019, high-frequency reactors are loved by many consumers for their unique ideas that no one has thought of, raising human body temperature, improving blood circulation and
metabolism. Since 2015, the export market has expanded every year, and CE medical devices and FDA permits have been made into medical device brands that are used closely by the world.

Country: South Korea | President: Cho Hong-sik

Year Established : 1996 | No. of Employees : 28

Main Markets : South Korea