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Unibee Propolis

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BY : Unique Biotech

Category            Health & Medical
Keyword             Propolis drops, water soluble propolis, natural propolis, alcohol-free propolis
Size             30ml
Place of Origin             South Korea
HS Code             2106.9


‘1. USE A (dropper-type) health functional food aimed at improving antimicrobial, antioxidant, and immunity effects 2. FEATURES This product is produced using the technology of the patent registered under No. 10-1661495 entitled “the manufacturing method of eco-friendly, natural honey-based, alcohol-free, water-soluble propolis”, which has no alcohol residue and contains no emulsifiers or chemical additives. This product is free of any substances that may cause harm to the body, so that it can be consumed by people of all ages safely and conveniently. 3. DIRECTIONS Add mineral water, milk, yogurt, or juice to 0.77g(0.77ml) of the product each time. Take the diluted solution three times a day.

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Health & Medical


Propolis drops, water soluble propolis, natural propolis, alcohol-free propolis

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Place of Origin

South Korea

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Unique Biotech is a bio-venture company specializing in developing and producing the safe and unique food products of the highest quality. In addition to participating in various government policy assignments and presenting dissertations, we have been developing various patented technologies on a domestic & international level to expend the scope from healthy & functional food products to livestock & fish farm feed. Building upon these experience, we here at Unique Biotech are taking our small but vigorous step towards our goal of providing solutions to such issue, and hope that you would provide us with encouragement & support for our endeavor with a common and shared hope.

Country: South Korea | President: Yongkap Hur

Year Established : 2012 | No. of Employees : 32

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : Unibee Propolis