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LUUB Q10 PLUS SHAMPOO Features 1. PSB Rhodobacter microbial component and efficacy 2. Hair growth managed by the patented photosynthetic microorganism 3. This helps to resolve hair and scalp problems such as hair loss, thinning hair, seborrheic dermatitis, dry scalp, oily scalp, pore blockage, dandruff, etc. 4. Free from silicon, colorings, and parabens 5. Uses natural surfactants and preservatives
LUUB Q10 PLUS CARE PACK Features 1. LUUB Q10 Care Pack has an scaling effect as it helps achieve healthy skin and provides moisture and nutrients. 2. It helps to resolve various problems such as hair loss, thinning hair, seborrheic dermatitis, dead skin cell, dandruff, etc 3. contains natural extracts and PSB, which have antibacterial and antioxidant effects and radiate far- infrared rays. As such, it provides an all-in-one solution to hair and scalp issues.
LUUB Q10 ROSE & HERB OIL Features 1. It protects hair and scalp from ultraviolet rays throughout four seasons 2. Containing Rose Oil - it protects dry skin, aged skin, and hair, alleviates wrinkles and makes your skin and hair glow. 3. Containing natural herbal oil - It has anti-hair loss, anti-inflammation, and moisturizing effect, and protects skin and hair through combining with Keratin of damaged hair.
LUUB Q10 PLUS HAIR TONIC LUUB Q10 Hair Tonic helps removing waste products carried in your scalp micro-vessles and veins with short wavelength of far-infrared rays. this antibacterial product also boosts your metabolism and treats scalp and skin problems, which help growing hair.
LUUB Q10 PLUS SKIN CARE CREAM Features 1. Skincare cream for moisturizing and purifying skin with patented Rhodobacter's far-infrared radiation and low frequency 2. This mild skin cream is formulated to maximize the moisturizing capability and other skincare properties of PSB microorganisms. It will make the skin smooth, elastic, and lively. 3. Find your skin’s vitality, moisturization and elasticity at the same time. Your skin can be healthy with PSB Rhodobacter and natural ingredients by solving the fundamental problems of troubled skin, cleansing and forming the skin barrier. It cares your skin moist by solving skin stimulation, moisturization and skin waste elimination with patented Rhodobacter's far-infrared radiation and low frequency. LUUB Q10 Plus Skin Care Cream makes your skin vital and glow by forming skin barrier and improves the troubled skin by supplying nutrition & moist and cleansing skin.

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