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Black Bellfower Embracing Black Ginseng

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BY : Haeodam Agricultural Company Corporation

Category Health & Medical
Keyword Health Functional Food
Size 30Pcs
Weight 70ml
Place of Origin South Korea
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Weight 70 kg

Health & Medical



Place of Origin

South Korea

Company Info

Country South Korea
President Sooni Jeon
Year Established August 26, 2013
No. of Employees Less than 5
  • The Haeodam Agricultural Company was established on August 26, 2013, and ginseng, the main ingredient, was directly cultivated in a clean area and certified as GAP agricultural product excellent management.Black ginseng is produced by steaming and drying nine times in the process of the old-fashioned gunpowder.
  • Black ginseng is high in ginsenoside (saponine) content, which helps to improve immunity, prevent skin aging, relieve menopause, and improve memory.
  • We will do our best for your happiness and health.
  • In order to develop better products through technical agreement with Iksan Agricultural Technology Center and industry-academic cooperation with Wonkwang University, Baekje Dongseong Farm dispatched a dedicated researcher to directly research and develop Haeodam Black Ginseng products as GAP certified products for 6 years. Using the manufacturing method passed down from the past, the harvested ginseng was repeated 9 times, and after patience and struggle, we insisted on the Gujeunggupo method. Honest Haeodam Black Ginseng was born as a brand that processed black ginseng, which has kept its promise by insisting on the 3 no principles (no synthetic sweetener, no synthetic flavoring, no preservatives) as a manufacturing principle.
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986, 988 Srinakarin Road, Phatthanakan Subdistrict, Suan Luan District, Bangkok, 10250.

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