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Dooraeone honey citron tea

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BY : Korea Natural Food Co., Ltd.

Category          Food & Beverage
Keyword         citron, citron tea, Honey citron
FOB Price            Negotiable
Weight           1kg
Place of Origin           South Korea
MOQ             –
EXP.Date(If Food)           2 years from the manufacturing date, room temperature storage
(refrigerate after opening)


Citrons that grow under the wind of “Goheung” in Korea, renowned as a
heavenly green region, boast of excellent flavor and scent, and contain
more vitamin C than oranges or lemons. It also contains all kinds of organic
acids, hesperidin, and other compounds that effectively helps prevent
colds, recover from fatigue, and enhance immunity.

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Food & Beverage


citron, citron tea, Honey citron

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Country South Korea
President Kim Jeong Suk
Year Established 1987
No. of Employees
Introduction Korea Natural Food Co., Ltd. specializes in producing liquid tea including citron tea, by carefully selecting citron grown in
clean area, Goheung, and honey collected from Jirisan Mountain. Especially, we produce and develop excellent product
through various research and development of citron, which is a speciality of Goheung area, produce safe products through
thorough quality inspection from citron selecting to processing and packaging, and distribute to home and abroad.
Main Markets South Korea, Japan, China
Main Products Food & Beverage



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