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Educational Assembly Block Toy ROBOTS IN MOTION BUILDING SET

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Educational assembly blocks that improve the kid’s programming, learning and logical capabilities. These toys help in improving the concentration, creativity and organizing power in kids. Children can learn basic figures, colour recognition and get a sense of accomplishment from completing making basic shapes. This will build on their confidence and will encourage them to take future challenges. An improved brain capacity in kids will go a long way in shaping their personalities. It will help them become successful individuals in the long run.

1. Stimulates children’s sense of curiosity so that the children can learn the gear’s geometric structure and mathematical principle of motion naturally.
2. Different blocks can develop not only creativity, but also thinking ability.
3. It can increase concentration ability and level of interest as compared to static toys.
4. Provides the sense of achievement in the minds of the children for their own completed structure.
5. Can be played in-door or out-door toy for play, fun & intelligence development.
6. Gear shape block parts (100 pieces), 1 guide sheet for children of 3 years and older.

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Sport, Gifts & Toys


Toys, Educational Toys



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Country South Korea
President JEONG-MIN, LEE
Year Established 2003
No. of Employees 68
Introduction As a plastic toy manufacturing company, we are producing various kinds of plastic friction toys and
educational building block toys. Based on world top plastic friction car toys recognized worldwide and
our built-up advanced technology and know-how.We have actually launched BingBing Block Series, the new and creative toys that stimulate children’s
curiosity and demonstrate operational toy’s advantages and that combined educational effect enabling
children to naturally obtain the scientific principle of gears.The BingBing Block Series’ excellence has been recognized by world authoritative Ph.D. holders in
the field of childhood science and through various prizes awarded in the U.S., Britain and other countries.
The BingBing Block Series will play a pivotal role growing and developing children into creative and talented people.With the best efforts for the best quality in the world and the maximizing of educational effects, we
are one of the leading toy export companies to actively meet the due date and the buyer’s requests. We
are committed to being a company to endeavor for the children’s future by providing prime products and
services that can offer higher values to our customers, on the basis of customer-oriented management
and close cooperation with our suppliers.
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