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Keyword Badahyang
Place of Origin South Korea
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Country South Korea
keum kihong
Year Established 2011
No. of Employees 1-50
Introduction This includes the taste of sea. / We deliver the taste of sea withfresh and high quality hamcho (herb) laver and dried fish that come out aroundthe Gogunsan Islands.

– Feel the sea flavor with Korean hamcho laver and dried fish.

– We promise to provide fresh and healthy products with skilledprocessing technology and know-how.

– We select domestic materials to make high quality products and keepthoroughly the hygiene management of the products.

– We do our best to produce and supply the best quality food in Korea.

– Badahyang has special know-how to make good food.

– We use fresh food ingredients to provide you with a fresh taste ofthe sea and our devotion to the product.

– We deliver the taste of sea to you with seaweed collected from theclean sea of Gogunsan.

– You can taste good products made with fresh dried fish caught inclear and clean South Sea at low price.

– We will deliver new news and various stories quickly.

– Badahyang always promises to provide our customers with fresh andgood quality products.

– If you have any questions about our products, we will reply as soonas possible.

– .You can confirm various things including Badahyang’s manufacturingprocess and factory appearance.- Watch the Badahyang’s promotion video now.

– Consumer-trusted company / Leading company with the best technologyand facilities / Customer-oriented management

– Diversification of sales and distribution of seasoned laver inoverseas market / Creation of corporate profit with maximum achievement throughminimum distribution process

– We provide fresh and high quality products with excellent know-how.

– Our company is operated by systematic systems and excellent members

– We are committed to developing and providing safe food.

Main Markets South Korea
Main Products hamcho laver,Sushi Kim


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KTE TRADING CO.,LTD (Head office) 986,988, Srinakarin Rd, Pattanakarn, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250.

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