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Whole grain powder plus (24g each, total 10)

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BY : Chungmec Co., Ltd.

Category          Food & Beverage
Keyword         Barley, oats, brown rice, dried black mushroom, barley pure powder, allulose, tangerine peel
FOB Price          US$ 5.8(FOB)
Weight           240g
Place of Origin          South Korea
MOQ          2,000Packs
EXP.Date(If Food)         1 year from the manufacturing date, room temperature storage


It is made with long-standing research and technology(patent no.
10-1301926) of Chungmec Co., Ltd. The secret lies in the grain that
mankind began to eat first, barley. It is safe, filling and rich with oats and
brown rice added. With one bowl of whole grain powder, the day will be

good. It is rich in dietary fiber. It is especially rich in β-glucan, a water-solu-
ble dietary fiber. It is rich in carbohydrates and minerals for brain activity,

and has been upgraded for a healthy diet by containing sprout barley
powder and allulose.

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Food & Beverage


"Barley, oats, brown rice, dried black mushroom
, barley pure powder, allulose, tangerine peel"

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Place of Origin

South Korea

Company Info

Country South Korea
President Kim Jae Joo
Year Established 2007
No. of Employees
Introduction Chungmec Co., Ltd is an agricultural-based food company that grows, manufactures and
sells color barley with local farmers based on the functionality of color barley (black, blue barely, barley, violet barley and
etc.) rich in minerals and dietary fiber. Since the establishment, starting with the first processing of color barley, the
company currently produces 3-colored barley rice, 5-colored barley rice, whole grain powder/whole grain powder plus,
barley coffee and etc. under thorough management based on GAP facilities and producers certification, environ-
ment-friendly agricultural product transactor certification and organic processed food certification. It is a agricultural foodcompany that has been developing gradually with achievements such as winning grand prize at Mutual Cooperation
Contest, Beloved Company of Republic of Korea Award and Prime Minister Award at Agricultural Science and Technology
Award, through positive evaluation of its contribution to preserving farm income by operating a continuous and organic
contract cultivation and purchase system with local farmers.
Main Markets South Korea
Main Products Food & Beverage


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