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Marinated Crab (without shell)

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BY : Young In Bio

Category Food & Beverage
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Place of Origin South Korea
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Country South Korea
President – Injeong Choi
Year Established – June 27, 2018
No. of Employees – 9
Introduction Hippocrates, the father of medicinal science, said “You can’t cure a disease with medicine if it can’t be cured with food.”

People these days are increasingly exposed to various diseases
because they are more accustomed to fast food and highly processed
foods, despite the emphasized importance of three home-cooked
meals per day. Since its establishment in 2018, Young In Bio has
been focusing on the management of food and pet food business
based on traditional fermentation methods under the management
philosophy of making honest products with healthy ingredients from
Northern Jeolla Province. Since the leap in 2020, Young In Bio has
been taking steps toward the globalization of traditional Korean foods
in overseas markets and will continue to invest in R&D to promote
the excellence of fermentation technologies across the world.
We hope you support the growth of Young In Bio, the company that
provides high-value products and services for partner companies and
customers through healthy foods

Main Markets South Korea
Main Products Marinated Crab (without shell)