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Nesay Cream

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Category Beauty & Personal Care
Keyword Cream, Nesay cream, Persona care product, Korean Cream
Place of Origin South Korea
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Company Info

Country South Korea
Year Established
No. of Employees
Introduction Since the establishment on February 1, 2006, we have been doing from development to production, sales, trade, and distribution of cosmetics. We are realizing skin science with high pride based on know how of product and sales and researchers’ outstanding technology. The headquarter office is located in Jeonju of Republic of Korea, and we are spreading our brand awareness globally through participation to international exhibitions and transactions with existing buyers. In addition, we are mainly focusing on overseas export, and OEM ODM production is actively done. Our

company brands are’     Jusibel ‘, ‘TO BE

A LADY’, and ‘NESAY ‘.

Main Markets South Korea
Main Products Nesay Cream