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Small Sirocco Fan

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Category Machinery & Parts
Keyword Low noise and high efficiency ,exhaust fan
Place of Origin SOUTH KOREA
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Feature :

  • Since the airflow intake is transversely discharged along the circumfe of the main body, uniform airflow can be attained.
  • Eddy currents are reduced, so the discharged air can reach significan:
  • The product’s motor and blades are directly connected, and because t lightweight, it is easy to handle and install, and the shape of the square product body makes it easy to construct.
  • The cooling effect is maximized through the use of a die-cast aluminum High-efficiency motor application and Class-F insulation. . The discharge port can be pivoted 90 degrees.
  • The blower features a heat shielding blade attached to the motor’s side (for high temperatures).
  • Can be used at suction temperatures of up to 150 degrees (for high temperatures).

* Material other than SUS can be changed on demand.Application for air conditioning facilities general ventilation of building apartments under ground shopping mall, factories warehouse etc, air conditioning ventalation air supply and exhaust, Application for electrical device various assembly device such as transformer dryers andrectifiers.

Can be installed in harsh environments through the use of a stainless-steel case –

  • Motor sealed flange (registration of utility model is 50 utilized.
  • Low noise and high efficiency due to low noise blade and casing design Good workability with the square product body
  • Maximized cooling effect through the use of a die cast aluminium motor casing
  • Applications for air conditioning facilities: general ventilation of buildings, apartments, underground shopping malls, factories, warehouses, etc.. air conditioning, ventilation, air supply, and exhaust.
  • 20 30 60 – Applications for electrical device: various assembly devices such as transformers, dryers, and rectifiers.

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Industrial Supplies


Low noise and high efficiency ,exhaust fan

Place of Origin

South Korea

Company Info

Introduction :

1994: 04 Establishment of Daeryun Industry Co., Ltd.

1999: 07 ISO 9002 Certification (Korean Standards Association)

2001: 12 Enrollment of Practical Application for Ventilation

System: 03 Completion of Plant 2 and relocation of headquarters

Current location: 09 ISO 9001 Certification (Korean Standards Association) 12 Patent registration for fan cases for ducts.


  • 03 Patent registration for pest control system
  • 05 Best of KOREA Project Selection

Small and Medium Business Corporation

  • 05 Selection of promising small and medium-sized enterprises (No. 13 in Jeollabuk-do)
  • 06 World’s First Development of Drum Heat Exchanger
  • 07 Enrollment of Practical Application of Ventilation


2004: 02 Selection of Export-Important Projects for the second consecutive year

Small and Medium Business Administration

  • 02 Granting an auditor’s plaque for paying model local 2 taxes (Governor of North Jeolla Province)
  • 05 2004 Selection of Green Energy Excellence Companies
    (Hankook Ilbo)
  • 06 Chinese Patent Registration for Heat Exchanger 06 Enrollment of Practical Application for Heat Exchanger

2005: 06 Acquiring a certificate of confirmation for venture companies

Small and Medium Business Administration

  • 07 Patent registration for heat exchanger 2006
  • 06 U.S. Patent Registration for Heat Exchanger 2007 05 Identification of Innovative Small Business (INNO-BIZ)
  • 05(Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 05 Registering machine facility construction (Registration: 2007-12-01)
  • 07 Join the Korea Facility Construction Association (member number: 35-2007-0012)
  • 2009 01 Patent registration for heat exchanger in Japan 2010
  • 04 Establishment of Corporate Research Institute (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association) (M) 2011 02 Join the Korean Product Safety Association (No. 1448)


  • 03 Transfer of new central business establishment (Hwasong, Gyeonggi Province) 2013
  • 03 Lee Ju-hyeop’s inauguration as CEO
  • 05 KS Corporate Excellence Award (Korea Standards Association)


  • 01 Registration of agricultural ventilation systems (Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative) 01 Patent registration for high-speed multi-stage fans.


  • 06 Selection of export prospects for small and medium-sized enterprises Ministry of Small and Medium Business 12 Sign up for AMCA membership


  • Korea Product Innovation Awards-Korea Standards
  • Association ion 06 Quality Management of Jeollabuk-do ‘Winner of Excellence Award (Jeonbuk-Korea Standards Association)
  • 07 Obtained AMCA certificate for Belt Driv…
  • Airfoil Fan, Turbo Fan

Year Establishment : 1994

Main markets : South Korea


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