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3 types of siraegi

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BY : Farmjoa Co., Ltd.

Category          Food & Beverage
Keyword         Winter cabbage, dried cabbage leaves, dried radish leaves
FOB Price           Negotiable
Weight            200g each
Place of Origin          South Korea
MOQ            Negotiable
EXP.Date(If Food)            24 months from the manufacturing date, frozen storage


Three types of Farmjoa’s domestic siraegi that were boiled and quickly
frozen are made from carefully selected fresh and healthy materials. The
product was quickly frozen at -40°C through BQF(Block Quick Freezing)
process, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the soup with original taste and
nutrition. *It can be used for various soup, stock, boiled or steamed food.

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Food & Beverage


Winter cabbage, dried cabbage leaves, dried radish leaves

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Place of Origin

South Korea

Company Info

Country South Korea
President Hwang Eun Kyeong
Year Established 2017
No. of Employees
Introduction ‘In order to create a ‘fresh, healthy, and convenient’ rich food culture, we opened the pre-processing and food processing
center in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, in December 2016 to produce food that can be purchased with confidence based on trust
and reliability from customers with the best taste and quality. We are proud of the size of our factory, from the processed
food line-up, including frozen food, processed fruit products, natural spices, fruit juice, and instant food, to quick freezing
and juice line-ups. Products manufactured in Farmjoa Co., Ltd. are clean and safe, as it received HACCP certification in
March 2017, and was certified as a clean business in November 2017 for the hygienic production environment and
quality management system.
Main Markets South Korea
Main Products Food & Beverage



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