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Enzyme Treated Royal Jelly

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BY : Vitech Co., Ltd

Category Food & Beverage
Keyword production plant, Probiotics
Place of Origin South Korea
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Country South Korea
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The company name Vitech Co., Ltd. is a combination of “VITAL”, which is essential for life, and “TECHNOLOGY”, which is essential for life. As VITECH means, we develop technology essential for life and provide various values ​​of life. With a challenging spirit, we are researching and developing new functional materials needed in the fields of food, health functional food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

In addition, starting as a research company, we have developed various materials through constant effort and investment to build a global-level production line, while at the same time securing independent technology to have patents and many research results. will contribute In the future, Vitech Co., Ltd. will think first from the customer’s point of view, develop materials suitable for customer needs, and build production facilities to maintain the highest quality.

Based on various technological accumulations, we will strive to provide total service so that companies can grow by creating leading market trends so that they can lead the market by forming mutual sympathy with customers. In addition, we will not be satisfied with the present and will build materials necessary for the food, health functional food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the space industry, the future industry.

We promise to provide the best quality and the best service with the attitude of the beginning, and we deeply appreciate your unwavering interest and trust.

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