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Gunsan Kokoma Cabbage Porridge

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Category           Food & Beverage
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Weight             20ft,40ft,40hq
Place of Origin             South Korea
HS Code             210410


1. Easy and Healthy Breakfast for you stomach
Only with water or milk, you can make a decent cabbage porridge, which is better than taking a medicine in the morning.

2. No additives, No imported ingredients from China
Point 3
3. Uses local ingredients and Gunsan Kokoma Cabbage, which contains 2 times more MMSC(13mg/100g) than normal cabbage(6mg/100g)
4. This would help those who skip meals, those who want an easy and healthy meal, those who have a chronic gastritis, those who suffer from gastritis due to diet control, and those who frequently drink.

Features of Gunsan Kokoma Cabbage Porridge

Perfect for quick breakfast and diet
With milk or water, you can make a quick and light meal anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is to pour cabbage powder into 160-170ml of hot(or cold) milk or water, and mix it well. Then, you can have a simple and wholesome meal, which is also perfect when you’re on a diet because it is only 118cal per packet. Cabbage contains abundant Vitamin U, which is beneficial for stomach, thus it is an excellent choice for those who skip breakfast due to lack of time, for those who need a comfortable diet for their stomach, and for those with a clogged digestive system.

Premium cabbage exported to Japan and Taiwan
Our Kokoma cabbage has been selected as the “Miracle K-food” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs of ROK and as “excellent export agricultural product” by the Rural Development Administration of ROK. In addition, it is produced in accordance with a strict Japanese safety standards for imported agricultural products.

Made with local ingredients including Kokoma Cabbage
Kokoma Cabbage is much crunchier and sweeter than ordinary cabbage. It is smaller in size (“Kokoma” means ‘small’ in Korean), but contains double the amount of MMSC and is rich in dietary fiber, which is good for intestines. In addition, Korean germinated brown rice is rich in linoleic acid and vitamins, which help to recover from fatigue.


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18 months from the manufacturing date, room temperature storage


1200 box (40 Carton) (30 box =1 Carton)



Company Info

Country: Korea

Introduction : This company was established at Gunsan in Jeollabuk-do for globalization of Korean agricultural and fishery food products as well as export improvements.
Company Objective-safe, delicious
agricultural and fishery products
of the best quality
serve to all the people
in the world

Main Markets : Japan, China, Indonesia, and USA.



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