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Sambuja Kim

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Category           Food & Beverage
Keyword           Food
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Weight              20ft,40ft,40hq
Place of Origin             South Korea
HS Code               2008.99 


1. Sambuja Kim is produced in a traditional way by using high quality seaweed. It is a low-sodium laver with wonderful texture and unique savory taste that comes from seaweed of the west coast of Korea.
2. Sambuja Kim is sold in various convenient forms such as lunch box laver, full-length laver, and laver flake
3. Sambuja Kim has been consumed by Korean consumers for more than 40 years. In addition, it was first exported to Japan in 2000 as a leader of Korean seasoned laver. Now, it has been loved by Japanese consumers for more than 20 years.
Features of Sambuja Kim

Made with high quality seaweed
Our Sambuja Kim is made from the seaweed produced in a clean are of Korea, Jeollabuk-do Gogunsan Islands. It does not contain any artificial seasonings nor flavors, and has less salt and oil, which is better for health compared to our companies’ products.

Tradition and Taste
It has been more than 40 years that our company produced Korean seasoned laver, and now it takes 7th place in Korean market among seasoned laver products. It has a wonderful texture and unique savory taste that come from the seaweed of the west coast of Korea. It is also served in a variety of ways such as laver snacks and laver flakes.

Loved by foreigners
Our Sambuja Kim was first exported o Japan in 2000, as a leader of Korean seasoned laver. Now, it takes 2nd place in Japanese market among seasoned laver products, being loved by Japanese consumers more than 20 years. In addition, exports sales of Sambuja Kim in 2019 approached near 1.6 million dollars.

For Kids
We also serve ‘Children’s laver’ with a cute cartoon character, ‘Pororo’. Children’s lavers is beloved by children for its crispy and yummy taste, and contains essential vitamins and proteins for their growth.


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18 months from the manufacturing date, room temperature storage


2070 box



Company Info

Country: Korea

Introduction : This company was established at Gunsan in Jeollabuk-do for globalization of Korean agricultural and fishery food products as well as export improvements.
Company Objective-safe, delicious
agricultural and fishery products
of the best quality
serve to all the people
in the world

Main Markets : Japan, China, Indonesia, and USA.



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