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Hive Controller

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Description The HIVE CONTROLLER is a product that can be easily used by anyone,
from beginners in beekeeping, to non-professionals with insufficient
The HIVE CONTROLLER checks the condition of the honeycomb before
collecting the honey, extracts the honeycomb from the beehive and
automatically brushes the bees safely and loads them outside.
The HIVE CONTROLLER helps simplify complex work steps and compatible
with various sizes of beehives around the world.
Features ● HIVE CONTROLLER weight is as light as lifted with one hand.
● The brushes (bee brush) attached to the HIVE CONTROLLER is
each to put on and take off and can be cleaned at any time.
● One-person operation can save labor costs.
● To perform the operation working time
per beehive is about 1 minute.
Place of Origin South Korea
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Company Info

Country South Korea
Year Established  2016
No. of Employees
Introduction DAESUNG has work hardly that to export to world’s market not only
domestic by join the program with Public Procurement Service and
selected the Global Trade Company by Korea International Trade
The HIVE CONTROLLER got the 2021 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in
Robotics. DAESUNG is engaged in various fields for the development and
distribution of unmanned automation systems such as product
development, manufacturing, technology transfer, design, branding,
consulting, and distribution network establishment. It is gradually
If you want to share DAESUNG’s vision and technology, please feel free to
contact us
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